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        [Business policy]
        Scientific management, quality first, service first, beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence

        [Our Mission]
        Self-improvement, courage to forge ahead, due diligence, humility integrity, unity and innovation, sincere service, creating extraordinary

        [Business philosophy]
        Attention to talent, unity of unity, customer service, social returns and employees to share the responsibility of enterprises,
        Share the joy of business success, honest business, relying on science and technology and creative labor, to provide customers with value for money products and provide the best service!

        [Development concept]
        Quality-oriented, for the credibility of treasure, the pursuit of outstanding, steady development
        Strict implementation of the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system standards, build China's large-scale CNC equipment research and development, production and sales enterprises --- help China's manufacturing pilot global.

        [Quality commitment]
        To provide customers with high quality products
        Kangding hardware unanimously agree with the "quality - oriented, customer first" quality policy, to provide our clients with first - class products, first - class service, humbly accept the supervision of customers to meet customer needs.

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        Contact us




        Add:No. 51 Luming Road Heavy River Management District - Qing Town Dongguan City

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