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        Kangding hardware growth process

        In January 2001,
        Kangding hardware was established,
        company site in Dongguan City town, there are 10,000 square meters plant;
        In March 2002,
        for customers to develop the industry's first HDMI Insertmolding terminal (patented);

        In May 2003,
        the introduction of
        CNC machining centers, DMG / Haas / Gamma HL-600 / Taiwan Zhen / crown pool / huge steel / LK V710;
        In 2004,
        the development of USB3.0, HDMI D TYPE series of hardware;

        In August 2004,
        The company is equipped with: 3D printer (SLA) (SLS) OBJET. Three-axis, four-axis, five-axis, CNC automatic machining center, carved machine, CNC lathe, milling machine, vacuum mold machine, wire cutting, spark machine, laser laser , CNC bending machines and other equipment.
        In September 2005,
        Through the ISO9001 quality management system and
        ISO14001 environmental management system certification;
        In 206 years,
        The development of HDMI plug-in molds;
        In 2007 years,
        To become ISI (medical electronics manufacturers) suppliers, products directly exported to the United States;
        In 2008,
        Mold exports to Canada, the United States, Turkey, Israel, South Korea, Japan and other countries.

        In 2009,
        Successfully entered the field of relays,Developed a double with silver contact riveting mold, and mass production, become the United States, gree and other household electrical appliance enterprises of the two suppliers;

        In March 2010,
        With the micro Swiss portescap miniature motor, involved in the development of micro - linear vibration motor stamping parts;
        In July 2011,
        TS16949 quality management system certification, began to enter the field of automotive electronic stamping parts;
        In 2012,
        Mold and
        stamping parts exported to Ireland, india and other markets, Become a Volkswagen Global supplier of electronic components;
        In January 2014,
        Buy 110T continuous punch, there are T = 3.0MM, W = 200MM, P = 200MM or so
        metal stamping capacity.
        In January 2015,
        Through the environmental system certification, and the implementation of
        IECQ-QC080000 (RoHS), EICC management system.
        In June 2016,
        Our products are mainly exported: the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Israel, South Korea, Switzerland and so on. Cooperative customers have (such as LAIRD, FLEXTRONICS, LITEON, FOXCONN, DELTA, BYD, etc.)

        CNC machining workshop

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        Add:No. 51 Luming Road Heavy River Management District - Qing Town Dongguan City

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