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        Dongguan Kangding Metal Technology Co., Ltd.
        The company has always adhered to the "sincerity oriented, customer-oriented" business philosophy


        Cooperative Enterprise Success stories

        Optimize Your Design for Stamping Die Metal Parts Visual Quality Standards Welcome To DongGuan <strong>Provide Sheet metal chassis processing for asus</strong> <strong>Provide sensor hardware probe for baumer</strong> <strong>For the Guangzhou Automobile to provide car stampin</strong> <strong>kyocera Office supplies precision metal parts</strong> <strong>leuze automation equipment CNC Lathe parts</strong> <strong>Kang Ding hardware for the bosch tools to provide l</strong> <strong>Kang Ding hardware for BYD to provide car hardware </strong>
        From Dali, let Kang Ding become

        your only hardware processing supplier

        ABOUT US

        About us

        Dongguan Kangding Metal Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003.Is located in the convenient transportation of Dongguan City Qingxi Town,Production plant covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters.Kangding Hardware is a set of design, manufacturing, assembly, sales and service as one of the precision metal processing plants,Specializing in all kinds of Non-standard hardware parts,CNC aluminum parts,Car hardware,Stainless steel Accessories,Lathe parts,Milling, grinding, wire cutting, die casting, stamping, turning sand,Automatic lathe machining,CNC machining, CNC lathe machining,Five-axis lathe machining,Sheet metal processing, such as the developm... More+

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        Automotive Camshaft Processing Technology
        Automotive Camshaft Processing Technology

        Automotive Camshaft Processing Technology Product Description The camshaft is a key component in the valve train of an automobile engine, and its performance directly affects the overall performance of the engine. Therefore, the machining p... [More]



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